The Naked Sermon

It’s Complicated

March 17, 2022

Jules and Jesse work through Isaiah 55:1-9 in today’s episode.
Jesse gives the context of Isaiah - a people lamenting and longing to return to the land of Jerusalem and also hoping for that homecoming. Jules is struck by just how simple and basic the needs are that are being promised to be met - food, water, milk, and bread. Jesse talks about our privilege sometimes making it hard to empathize with being in a position of desperately needing these things. They talk about how often the focus we have is on lamenting the wrongs happening and wasting energy on them instead of doing things to fix them. Jules talks about a question that they often consider in organizing - what is the next most faithful step?


Julia Nielsen is a Pastor and Sacred Organizer with Leaven Land and Housing in Portland, Oregon.

Jesse Christopherson is Pastor at Milwaukie Lutheran in Milwaukie, Oregon.

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