The Naked Sermon

PDA Makes Judas Uncomfy

April 2, 2022

Anna and Josh take us through John 12:1-8 this week! Anna gives us a recap on the scripture then Josh tells us more about the social and historical context. Josh talks about the unique factor in John’s gospel - intimate relationships with some sort of physical component. He sets the scene of a fairly intimate foot massage possibly making the rest of the folks in the room uncomfortable. Anna points out that not only might it have been awkward but there was also a taboo element to the social class. 

They talk about what might be missing or lacking from theology discussions when the breadth of human representation across gender, race, and class isnt present.

For Anna the good news in this story is about taking a breath and pausing and looking around the room to find the spirit in the here and now. For Josh, the good news is a place for those that connect to spirituality sensually or sensorily, which often is rejected by Western Christianity. 

  • Anna Hoesly is a Co-Pastor and Organizer at Storyline Community in Milwaukie, Oregon.
  • Josh Kingsley is Pastor at King of Kings Lutheran Church in Milwaukie, Oregon.

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