The Naked Sermon

Redeeming Revelation

May 7, 2022

This week there is a content warning as Stori and Jesse dive into Revelation 7:9-17. “End times” and the Book of Revelation can be really triggering or distressing for some, so Stori invites you to care for your soul and skip this episode or turn it off if it becomes too triggering for you. 

Jesse gives us the context today and gives the caveat that it would take many, many episodes to really give the Book of Revelation and this passage all the context that’s really relevant but gives us a brief overview. Of course no discussion about Revelation and End Times would be complete without discussing the absolute travesty of the ‘Left Behind’ series. 

As this episode was recorded on May 4th, they get a little nerdy and bring in some Star Wars comparisons! 

In a book that has traditionally been a catalyst for 'hellfire and brimstone,' Stori and Jesse come away with a beautiful reimagining of empire and inclusion. 

  • Stori Long is a Pastor and Social Media Organizer at Storyline Community in Milwaukie, Oregon.
  • Jesse Christopherson is Pastor at Milwaukie Lutheran in Milwaukie, Oregon.


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