The Naked Sermon

The fox vs the hen

March 12, 2022

This week Stori and Rayah dive into the 2nd week of Lent with Luke 31-35. In this passage, Jesus talks about Jerusalem being the place where prophets go to die. Stori explores the way prophets are often looked at as simply critics, but they also must have an incredible amount of love to stay in a place where they see the flaws and still stay there with the hope that truth can change it for the better.  Rayah draws some parallels between Jesus wanting to care for the people like a hen cares for her chicks and those in power not being willing, to the way the government ties the hands of those that want to help care for their neighbors who are houseless and/or in mental health crisis.

Stori sends us off with a beautiful quote from Cole Arthur Riley in This Here Flesh.


Stori Long is a Pastor and Social Media Organizer at Storyline Community in Milwaukie, Oregon.

Rayah is a local community member and theology nerd in Milwaukie, Oregon.

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